Trendy Bedroom Design

Pictures, tips and ideas for designing a trendy bedroom.

People who have large extended families or friends who come to visit them often should have at least one room in the home to be used as the guest bedroom. This provides singles and couples with a comfortable bed to sleep on and their own private space. Because of this you want to make sure that you decorate this in such a way that they will feel at home and free to do what they want.

Color Scheme

There are some people who will create a special theme for the guest bedroom. This is creative – but we feel that it is better to stick with a type of color scheme. This will cut down on the amount of money you spend decorating it and will give you more options. It is best to stick with colors that are considered to be neutral. Remember that you will be entertaining both men and women.

Tan, light brown, dark brown, ivory, dark blue, and burgundy are vibrant colors that help to create the ideal trendy guest bedroom. However, they are all very neutral and something that both men and women can enjoy. You can still use lighter colors like blue and yellow also – but avoid purples and pinks.


Don’t go overboard when it comes to finding the right accessories and décor to use in the room. Instead of putting out pictures of you and your family try instead to place knick knacks around the room. Seashells, art photos, and scenic photos are some of the best to use and help to create a very relaxing atmosphere.

On the bed you should keep a fresh set of sheets and comforter that will match the color scheme you chose. To make it more decorative place throw pillows on the top and on any lounge chairs that you might have in the room.

Always make sure that you have a clock of some sort. This will help them to wake up on time during the morning. Some people do not like to wake up or get out of their room until a certain time in the morning so as not to disturb others. Perhaps you can provide them with a small stereo or CD player and some light music for them to listen to.